August 07 2015

Terran Startup Plan: The Hare

With the a new season of Planetarion coming this Friday 7th August 2015, I go through a simple Terran race startup plan.

Terran Startup (Round 63)

This is my personal startup plan, and it may not be the best for you. You may learn something, you may not, but the guide is useful for any players new to Planetarion

The overall idea behind this plan is to maximise Roid mining before ticks start, and produce a DE fleet for the 1st tick out of protection.

Hard Hitters / Hard Armor

As terran we can take hits, far more than any other race. To stop a Terran fleet, the enemy needs more ships, which uses up more of their fleets and in turn allowing more of our own players to get through.

Any ships that get through, also hit hard. So by adding to the defenders problems.

Plan Order

  1. 1. Claim the startup resources.
  2. 2. Init 87 of each Roid.
  3. 3. Queue up 2 Metal refinery (this is explained later).
  4. 4. Build 10 Metal Refineries.
  5. 5. Cancel the 2 Metal Refineries.
  6. 6. Queue up 2 Research Labs.
  7. 7. Build 3 Research Labs.
  8. 8. Cancel the 2 Research Labs.
  9. 9. Queue two Medium Factories.
  10. 10. Add remaining CU bonus to Medium Factories.
  11. 11. Complete HCT I and HCT 2 (gives you max 300 Roids to mine)
  12. 12. Complete Fighter Hull research and put the left over into Frigate Hull Research (Destroyer).
  13. 13. Queue Frigate Hull Research (DE), then queue Jumpgate I
  14. 14. Set population to 25% mining, 50% research, 25% Construction.
  15. 15. Set government to Demo.
  16. 16. Start the Beginner and Galaxy/Alliance Setup Quests lines, and complete any Resource Quests. Avoid XP quests as it will lower the XP gain from attacks, and increase XP for hostiles. Complete these when you take your Credit Bonus.
  17. 17. Go to the PA forums and look for the Welcome to round 63 thread and post your in game nick in there, and get 5 of each Roids free (updated once an hour).
  18. 18. Join an alliance, this completes the Join Alliance quest, and gives you 4 of each Roids. This brings you up to 300 total roids.

Now the plan is like this.


Each Medium Factory takes 4 ticks, build 4 (16 ticks. Terran gains a 10% bonus to production speed).

Start a quick Metal Refinery.

Now start 1 wave amp, doing so will gift you the landing scan (quest reward). This will complete whilst your fleet is flying.

Start queing up Small Factories, build up to 4 of these.

Terrans require more Metal than Crystal or Eonium (40%/30%/30% ish) for their ships. You can offset this with building a few more Metal Refineries (60%/20%/20%).

The main focus for constructions will be on Refineries then Amps.

The Research Labs are currently giving you a bonus of 23%, this will decrease with each Construction. By the end of the round, you will kick yourself if you have more than the initial 3 research labs, as research if over pretty quick (tick 500) and you could have built more Refineries/Amps.


  1. 1. Frigate (Destroyer) Hulls (6 ticks)
  2. 2. Jumpgate (8 ticks)
  3. 3. Infrastructure Upgrade (8 ticks)
  4. 4. Heavy Cargo Transfers 3 (12 ticks). This will complete while your fleets are flying, and will help mining if you do land.
  5. 5. Advanced Core Extraction (12 ticks).

If your not able to land, stop HCT 3 and start Advanced Core Extraction research as soon as possible.


Destroyer Hulls should be complete at tick 6, and you should have 1-2 Medium Factories by then, so build some DE (see Fleet Composition section), keep adding Medium Factories once they complete.

Fleet Composition

Your defence ship will be the Phoenix (Anti-DE/FR), these may fire late but they have good armor and damage. Start building these after a few days of attacks.

Your start attack fleet will use the Drake+Pegasus (Anti-FI+CO) and include the Gryphon a few days after attacks started (or as soon as we see any BS/CR inc).


As Terran, distorters are pretty useless. Its better to construct Amps/Mines.


Democracy gives the best early game advantage for building your planet, with 30% Research bonus, you can reduce the need for Research Labs.

While Demo does not have a bonus to CU, it doesnt have a negative effect either.

You will have an 8% reduction in production costs, rather than a mining bonus.

I plan to go into anarchy between ticks 150-250, depending on the universe.

Construction Resource Hack

Someone pointed out that you can gain resources by starting constructions before assigning Startup CU to them, then cancelling. It gave me about 30-40k of each resources extra, which is about 1 tick extra.


There are few if any problems with this startup, but the main one will be Hostile CovertOps (Low alert level). This should not be a problem with in the first 72 ticks, after this players may have completed enough Cov-Op research to start stealing ships. But with stats as they are, there are not a lot of off attack fleet ships to deal with.

First day attack vs second day attack.

We should be launching attack fleets on tick 24, which is around 8pm GMT, that's about 7 ticks earlier than normal. So the the next attack would be launched 24+7 ticks later (close enough math).

Beyond the First day

During the second day, build up Refineries and research Core Mining.

Thats all Folks

Hope this helps, and if you have any suggestions post a reply on my contact form - MrLobster.

[i]Update: Increased Metal refineries, decreased others and XP Quest change.[/i]



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