October 10 2015

Xan R64: The Rabid Hare

With Round 64 of Planetarion coming ever closer, this Friday 16th October 2015, I go through a Xandathrii race startup plan, and basic strategy ideas.

Xan Startup: The Rabid Hare

The current ship stats lend themselves to a more attacking play style, so the idea was to attack fast and often, as Asteroid swapping will be a regular occurrence.

Cloak Attack vs Cloak Defence

Before we get to the Plan, lets go through a few pointers for the Xandathrii play style

  • 1. All Xandathrii ships Cloak, except the Astropods.
  • 2. Cloaked ship do not show up on any scans apart from Advanced Unit Scans, and the Incoming Scan
  • 3. Advanced Unit scans do not show locations of any ships, just the name and quantities of each ship there is.
  • 4. Incoming Scans show the names and quantities of all non cloak ships coming to your planet. Also included is the total quantity of ships which includes both cloaked and non cloaked ships.
  • 5. Incoming Scans can only be performed on fleets coming to your planet. So hostiles cannot perform an Incoming Scan on defense fleets going to alliance members.
  • 6. So this means that 1 Ship Defence Fleets are a huge bonus for Xandathrii as they can send out 3 fleets (1 real, 2 fakes) and the hostiles will have no idea which is real or not.
  • 7. Attacking with cloak is almost as good, as the incoming scan is a mid round item for most, so hostiles will be unsure if you have included your main fleet with Astropods.
  • 8. Xan almost always have a FI/CO Attack fleet, which only gives hostiles 1 tick to round up defense.

Plan Order

  • 1. [STARTUP] Claim the startup resources.
  • 2. [RESEARCH] Using startup RP, Complete Jumpgate (Space Travel I)
  • 3. [RESEARCH] Using startup RP, Complete Warpgate (Space Travel II)
  • 4. [RESEARCH] Using startup RP, Complete Fighter (Hulls I)
  • 5. [RESEARCH] Using remaining startup RP, add to Hypergate (Space Travel III)
  • 6. [RESEARCH] Queue Hypergate (Space Travel III)
  • 7. [RESEARCH] Queue Heavy Cargo Transfer I (Asteroid Mining I)
  • 8. [CONS] Queue up two Metal Refineries.
  • 9. [CONS] Using startup CP, Complete 3 Metal Refineries
  • 10. [CONS] Cancel the two queued Metal Refineries
  • 11. [CONS] Do steps 8,9 and 10 for Crystal and Eonium Refineries.
  • 12. [CONS] Queue up two Research Labs
  • 13. [CONS] Using startup CP, Complete 3 Research Labs
  • 14. [CONS] Cancel the two queued Research Labs
  • 13. [CONS] Queue up a Research Lab
  • 14. [CONS] Queue up a Light Factory
  • 15. [CONS] Add remaining startup CP too Research Lab
  • 16. [POP] Set population to 25% mining, 50% research, 25% Construction.
  • 17. [POP] Set government to Demo (30% research bonus).
  • 18. [ROIDS] Init 20 of each Asteroid.
  • 19. [ROIDS] Post your in-game nick to Welcome to Round 64 forum post, and you will receive 5 of each Asteroid (updated once an hour).
  • 20. [GALAXY] Vote for a Galaxy Commander (Politics Page)
  • 21. [ALLIANCE] Join an Alliance.
  • 22. [QUEST] Start the Beginner and Galaxy/Alliance quest lines.
  • 23. [ROIDS] Forming a Government has gained you 2 of each asteroid.
  • 24. [ROIDS] Assigning your Population has gained you 2 of each asteroid.
  • 25. [ROIDS] Joining an Alliance will gain you 4 of each asteroid.
  • 26. [RESOURCE] Initiating asteroids has gained you 2,000 of each resource
  • 27. [RESOURCE] Once your Heavy Cargo Transfer I starts you gain 2,000 of each resource.
  • 28. [RESOURCE] Queuing a Research Lab gains you 2,000 of each resource.
  • 29. [RESOURCE] Voting for a Galaxy Commander gains you 4,000 of each resource.
  • 30. [RESOURCE] Share Scans to get 2,000 of each resource.
  • 31. [RESOURCE] Enable alliance tax to get 2,000 of each resource (active after tick 12?).
  • 32. [SHIPS] Build Ships (see below).

This should have you ready before ticks start, but lets get on to more detailed ideas.

This plan should give you Space Travel III just before you launch, so that almost guarantee galaxy defense only. Although the first 100 ticks should be defense free.

Three fleet attacking will be order of the day on tick 24, with your pods split 3 ways, just remember to build around 3000 Illusions, as 1000 of them can steal 100 Asteroids.

Tick 24 will happen at around 8pm GMT (ish), so there is a long wait until the next attack, which could be more than 30 hours later.

Make sure that you can actually land a target with your main fleet and pods, before sending just pods. If you cant take some thing on solo, team up!

HCT I should complete just before you land, giving you access to 200 Asteroids to mine. Depending on how well you did with the attacks, you may be hitting the mining limit. Start HCT II if your hitting your limit.

Build up your Light Factories to a maximum of 4, and keep adding them to the production queue.

Refineries will be very useful with Asteroid swapping, as they cannot be stolen. Each one gains just over 4 Asteroids per building. So build in order Metal/Crystal/Eonium then Eonium/Crystal/Metal, to even out the extra resource gains per tick.

The Core Extraction research will also help gain resources without relying on asteroid, with each level giving 16/32/60/100. However due to the length of time for each level it will take at least 100-200 ticks to complete all levels.

Ship Builds

For the first 100 ticks (or until told otherwise) you should focus on building the main attack force.

Xandathrii should focus on FI base attack fleet, which is Vsharrak, Pulsar, and Illusion. This covers FI/CO/FR, while leaving other ships to cover the remaining DE/CR/BS.

While defense wont be a priority, later game tactics will help with defense. So the focus would be on filling the holes left by your attack fleet.

Defence ships are based on ETA to ally rather than ships firing order. Add to this the 1 ship fleets will add more "its a recall" value to a defense.

Arrowhead will be the Anti-DE, even though it fires later than most, swamping the enemy with these, helps as salvage gets better.

Bolt Thrower will be the main stay on Anti-CR, both for its speed and init, being only out init by the Cathaar Roach (CR T2 EMP).

Finally the Anti-BS will be the Ghost, both again for its speed and being only out init by the ETD Broker (BS T1 EMP).

So defense fleets should be Arrowhead, Bolt Thrower, Ghost.


[quote author=ReaperSix]You can only form a government for no penalty within the first 168 ticks of your account being created. After this period you have to use the Government revolution mechanism described above before being able to form a Government. Changing Government within the first 168 ticks also requires a revolution.[/quote]



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